I am going to keep this as a kind of record of all of the fluff that I come up with of my armies, so this may gow over time, but probably not too quickly.

Lets start off with a piece for my Flesh Tearers: Captain Asgeir and how he earned the honor of being entombed in a Dreadnaught. 

Captain Asgeir

The captain crouched behind the rubble of the collapsed manufactorum, bloodied and surrounded.  He was the last man left of his squad on this forsaken world, he couldn’t even remember the name of the damned place, the rest having fallen to the cursed Xenos.  They came to this planet in response to a call for help, but what they found, they did not expect.  The world had been overrun by the Dark Eldar, and they were torturing people to fuel their dark vices.  
    Captain Asgeir and his 3 squads dropped onto the planet in their Drop Pods around the source of the call - a manufactorum that was almost demolished.  There was a detachment of the Imperial Guard that were trying to keep the invaders from taking the Manufactorm, however, they hadn’t been interested in what lay within, they simply started destroying it. The detachment barricaded themselves in one of the reinforced workshops, but the enemy was getting closer and closer to breaking through.
    The Captain’s orders were simple.  Create a perimeter around the workshop, and hold until the storm ravens are able to extract them.   They will be right behind you they said.
    But that's not what happened.
    The doors to the drop pods crashed down and the marines tore out, their maroon armor glinting in the sun, scanning for targets as they spread out around the workshop.  Moments after they were clear, the high-pitched whine of the Dark Eldar’s splinter weapons filled the air, the crystal shards making quick flashes in the sun.  The marrines spread out, using the rubble of the surrounding buildings for cover as they fired back, bolter’s making a contrasting crack.  As the perimeter was closed, the enemies numbers grew, faster than they were dying.  
    The Captain radio’d confirmation to the stormravens that the perimeter was secure.  
    “Hurry, we cannot hold on for long.”
    “copy that, we are 2 mintues out.”
Asgeir resumed firing.  Every bolt found its target, Xenos blood splattering and the bodies piling up.  In the distance, he could hear the sounds of the three storm ravens as they sped towards them.  
Hurry the hell up. He thought, we cant take much more of this.  
The advance of the Dark Eldar seemed to slow as the Storm Ravens got closer, apparently falling back as they knew their weapons would be of little effect.
There was a tornado of dust as the first two storm ravens landed, and hte marines started to fall back to them, the Guardsmen getting on the first and the first 2 squads of marines boarding the second.  
“Almost there” he thought.
The last of the IG and marines loaded and the first 2 Ravens took off to make room for the last.
“MOVE MOVE MOVE!” he yelled into his comm.  “Double Time!”
As his marines were boarding the raven, he started to back towards it, making sure that no one was being forgotten.  
Something cought his eye.  Just through the rubble, he saw something that was coming towards them, but was too big to be anything good.  A black energy beam suddenly materialized from the distance, and then a second and third quickly behind it.  They disappeared so quickly it left spots in his eyes.  As he turned to see where the beams went, all three storm ravens exploded, them being the target of the beam.  
A Ravager.
In a blink of an eye, his 3 squads of marines were dead, along with the detachment they were here to extract.  
He had failed.
They are going to pay.
He knelt beside the body of a marine who had died from one of the shards.  Attaching his chainsword to his back he picked up the dead marines chainsword, and strapped it to his back as well.  
“I’m sorry my brother” he said to the dead marine.  
Gripping the marine’s bolt pistol, he stood back up into a crouch, to peer over the rubble.  Hundreds of Dark Eldar were advancing on the workshop, from all directions; a wave of black armor glinting in the sun; an ocean of death.  He waited, embracing his fate as they advanced.  
He waited.
Almost time to embrace death.    
He could hear their footsteps in the rubble now.  He new it was time.  Captain Asgeir stood and stepped out from behind the rubble, bolt pistols at his side.  Not 10 feet before him was the front line of the enemy.  He met eyes with what must have been their leader, because he was not carrying a rifle like the rest, but had in one hand a sinister looking sword that curved to a point with serrations at intervals along the blade, and in the other was an oddly shaped pistol.  The Xenos grinned a snakelike grin and started to raise the pistol.  
“Now you die.” Said the Captain as he raised both of his bolt pistols and fired into the ghostly white head, which seemed to dissolve into nothingness.  Before the body hit the ground in a bloody heap, he started to move, spinning, firing into any and everything he saw.  The Xenos were not slow to respond, and started to raise their rifles to fire back, but they were torn apart by the bolt pistol.  
Asgeir felt the imact of the recoil in each of his hands and heard himself start to roar, a beastly sound that mixed with the cacophony of hte twin bolt pistols.  Over and over again he fired, rage over taking him, his eyes turning blood-red, starting to see red.  Suddenly, there was only his yell.  The bolt pistols went silent.  As the realization that he was out of ammo hit him, he dropped the pistols and grabbed the chainswords, which sprund to life to add their twin roars to the mix.
By this time, the Dark Eldar had started to fire back, the whine of their splinter-weapons mixing with the roar of the chainswords and his bestial roar.  Blood started to spray freely, as he moved amongst the ranks, hacking them apart, his armor coated in blood.  As he spun through their ranks the crystal shards started to find their mark, and he felt the agonizing pain as they tore through his armor again and again.
It was everything he could do to keep from collapsing.
Over and over, he was hit adn started to slow, the only thing preventing him from collapsing before this was the rage that had over come him, but now, even that wasn’t enough.  The xenos closed in around him as he started to fall, still striking out with his swords amongst the agony that over came him.  The agony was too much, and his arms started to fail him.  He fell on his back, looking at the sky, and the Xenos, close around him.  He could hear something familiar, a roar that he knew, but couldn’t place.  His eyes started to Close.  There were explosions, close, but before he could identify them, everything went black.
The storm ravens found the remainder of what was the failed recue attempt, among the carnage left over by the enraged captain.  The priest on board located the unconsious and broken body of the Captain, and moved him on board before the raven made a quick retreat.  While the planet was lost to them, and the rescue mission a failure, Captain Asgeir was entombed in a Furioso Dreadnought so that he could continue to fight for the Emperor, and as he was most effective in using two chainswords, he prefers the use of Blood Claws to dispatch the enemies of the Emperor. 

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