Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ork Deff Dread - Painting and Magnets

Hey guys,

It is Kroxx here from Chaos Bound, I just finished up two big projects I had on the go, one was a Ork Deff Dread with magnetized arms and my Chaos Daemon general Skulltaker.
So here are some pictures of the steps I took to paint my deff dread and I will also include details on what I did during each step.

So my first step was picking the initial weapon load out I wanted for him, to start I decided on one DCCW and a Skorcha.
Just off Sprues
Next I gave him a nice coat of Chaos Black
Next I added a layer of Mechrite Red to the body and arms

After that I started adding some bolt gun metal and sunburst yellow and tin bits to some of the details on the body and arms.

You will notice I screwed up when I glued to the face together, so that is what I'm leaving it black.

Next I hit the whole body with a wash of Devlin Mud and then used Blood Red and painted some detail work around the body and stripes on the face, and then once that dried another thin layer of devlin mud.

 After that I glued the arms on for one pose before taking them off to put my magnets in.

Next I removed the arms and started to drill my magnet holes.  I did this by using the GW drill and then using a exacto knife to carve the whole to the correct size needed.
** Remember when gluing the magnets in make sure they are in the correct way other wise they will just push each other apart.  I did this by letting two magnets go together and then putting a little black paint on each of the ends are were showing.  The side with the black paint are the ones I would put facing the body so the unpainted end was facing up.**

After I finally drilled and scrapped out of the holes I started to put the magnets into the arms and body.  Once the glue dried he was all set snap his arms on for a test spin!

My Deff Dread is complete!  I am pretty happy with myself on this one, I am not the best painter and do not claim to be but I know I'm getting better then my first Ork boy!  Hopefully this gives you some ideas for your own Deff Dread.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments and feel free to give any CC.

I will be posting my army progress pictures along with all battle reports Sarkastik and I make on Chaos Bound (link above) and I will be posting some more of my work here in the future.

- Kroxx

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