Thursday, 29 March 2012

Skulltaker Painting

Kroxx here again from Chaos Bound, today I am posting pictures and my personal steps taken to complete my skulltaker, who will be my General for my ever growing Khorne army.  My army is going to be called Khorne's Chosen so for most my models were normally you would see brass or bronze I will be using Gold as they are Khorne's most fierce and brutal warriors.

I ripped the finecast out of the blister pack, cleaned him up and got him base coated:
I didnt start taking step by step picks until was about 25% done so I will start with the basics I did and then move to the step by steps.

First I gave all his armour a coat of  Iyanden Darksun and his body a coat of Mechrite red, then gave him body a wash with Badab Black and then used Blood Red ontop.
Next I gave his body a wash of Devlin Mud which helped tone it down and give some highlights.
Before Wash

After Wash
Next I started his cloak, the updates will be in the caption for what I did.  Also I repeated the same steps for the skulls under his feet and the ones his horns wrap around on his head, but I did not take pictures for them.
Starting with the undercoat black

Dry brush on Bleached Bone

A little devlin mud goes on top

A light dry brush of Bleach Bone again

A light dry brush of Skull White

Iyanden Darksun on the hooks

Brunished Gold on the hooks to finish them off
For the Sword I left it black, and decided to go with the lava lightning on it, I put a layer of Mechrite red down, after that I put a slightly narrower layer of blood red, after that I put a narrower layer of blazing orange and finally a very narrow line of sun burst yellow.  Here is a picture of the sword completed with his head and foot.
These skulls are completed in the same steps as the cloak

Next I started on the skull in his hand, for the skull and spine I just used Bleached Bone and then devlin mud, I wanted it to be darker because it is engulfed in flames after all, but I did not take pictures of the steps for the skull.  Below are the steps I used to paint the flames on the skull.
Covered all the flames in Iyanden Darksun
Dry brush of Sunburst Yellow

Next I dry brushed blazing Orange on the tips
Dry brush of Blood Red on the tips of the flames

Finally a light dry brush of Undercoat Black and the tips to give it the burnt look
For his armour I used burnished gold

And finally after some touch ups on the cloak and skin he is complete!

Here are some pics of him and with a few of the bloodletters I have completed.

Thanks for reading guys and I hope it gave you some ideas on what to do for your own Daemons.

I will be posting my army progress pictures along with all battle reports Sarkastik and I make on Chaos Bound (link above) and I will be posting some more of my work here in the future.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments and feel free to give any CC.

- Kroxx


  1. I must paint Skulltaker some day, but seeing him in pieces. I think I'd convert him in some manner...

  2. Really good step-by-step and good painting. GREAT JOB!