Monday, 23 April 2012

Motivation issues... Small Update.

Well, as you can tell it has been a while since I have posted an update.  Almost a month to be exact, and of course, shortly before my previous post, I had decided to attempt to do something hobby related every day to show at least some progress.  This was started over on the forums and has attracted quite the following.  Its impressive to see the quantity and especially the quality of the work that has been completed, but, for some reason, I find myself losing steam.  Maybe its painting the same colors over and over, the same models, and though switching armies helps (but hurts the wallet...) the result is the same, a squad or two in and I am losing focus, be it to color-boredom or other things (League of Legends, Diablo 3 beta...) and no  matter what I do to try and get back on track, either through blogging, forum-lurking or painting death matches, motivation always comes and goes in waves.

That being said, any suggestions for staying motivated once I get back into it?

The above being said, this is what I have been working on this weekend:
 Its not quite finished, just some final armor work on the arms and some details, but its getting there.  I had wanted to do a not-black Dark Eldar scheme, just because I was tired of seeing the same thing with a different spot-color.  I had originally tried a yellowish scheme, as you can see on the Venom and Lelith in previous posts, but decided it wasn't to my liking, so here is my latest test, a whitish armor scheme with Dark Skin (from the old citadel range) as the spot color.

TL;DR - Don't like Dark - Dark Eldar, here is a white one:

Anyways, let me know what you think, C&C is always welcome!

An if you want to check out #thedailypaint, here is the forum link:

#thedailypaint Forum



  1. I find that it helps me to be motivated if I set short term goals, like something I can finish in a week. Then when I accomplish one of these goals I take every model and I do a YouTube video of each one rotating in my light box. I love post stuff on my YouTube channel. Also if I really feel like I don't want to paint then I don't do it. I find that if I paint when I feel unhappy about having to paint my quality suffers a lot. That's what I do. I hope you can find something that works for you. Enjoy the hobby as much as you can!

    1. I have found that lately the only thing that gets me re-motivated is to spend some time away from the hobby, at least painting. After a short hiatus it seem to help me want to make progress. Also it helps to have someone to push you to get stuff done, either friends or a youtube channel or blog, or all of the above!