Friday, 27 April 2012

Goals and Progress!

Well, after sitting down last night, I was able to finally finish off my Warrior for the monthly Painting Deathmatch over on the Miniwargaming painting forums.  I am pleased with how it came out, although I can see some areas I would have liked to have cleaned up a bit, but time ran out, so here it is:

Now, I have been browsing around a few of the painting forums, and I came across Fourth Company Librarium.  The painting is excellent, but what stood out for me was the points system.   Now this system gives each unit type a point value and allows you to set goals and track progress around these points.  Now, I have modified the values slightly, but these are the values as Kroxx and I are going to use:

Infantry = 1 Point
Cavalry = 2 Points
Bikes = 2 Points
Monster = 5 Points
Dreadnought = 5 Points
HQ = 5 Points
Vehicle = 10 Points
Superheavy vehicle = 20 Points

I will be adding a section to the site to allow us to keep track of our points and goals, but for now, our goals are as follows:

May 2012
Kroxx: 20 Points
Sarkastik: 15 Points

Now I have set my goal slightly lower, because at this point, that is the remainder of my models for my Dark Eldar, apart from a Haemonculous which needs a lot of green stuff work, thanks to Citadel's Finecast, and thus I don't think I will have the time to re-sculp some parts and get everything painted.  He will probably on the schedule for June.

Anyways, thanks for looking, and leave comments and as always C&C is always welcome!


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