Tuesday, 5 June 2012

May Update!

Well, it has been a while since I have posted, mainly because significant progress has not been made in the painting department.  Diablo 3 was released last month, and as one can imagine, much of my time has been spent in Sanctuary destroying demons.  That being said, my goal for May has failed completely and utterly.  Not a single point was painted.  Kroxx has also failed his goal, however, he did manage to get 10 points finished. 

New Goals:  For June, I am going to cut back my goal to 10 points.  Hopefully my entry into a Painting Deathmatch on miniwargaming will provide some motivation.  Kroxx has decided to cut back as well, despite his progress, and has set a goal for 15 points.  Wish us luck!

Now, other than Diablo 3, I received my order of Dark Eldar from the miniwargaming store and have begun assembling them.  Here is the progress:

2 Ravagers
2 Raiders
1 Venom
6 Jetbikes
2 Haemonculi
5 Scourge
10 Warriors

To Be Assembled:
1 Haemonculous
5 Wracks
20 Warriors
20 Wyches

I will post some individual pics shortly.  Here is a shot of the whole army thus far:


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